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'Twas a happy birthday. My normal talkers were away on a band field trip. The room was so quiet and calm all day with my remaining 19 kiddos. Great way to spend a birthday in the classroom.

  • Student: My tio never learned to read. Now he's dead.
  • Me: ...

Good stuff.


priorities be like

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Yay! I’m getting a practicum student!

One Direction is in town tonight. They caused traffic. I did not care for that. That is all.



My friend is a middle school English teacher. This is by de the most awesome lesson she’s taught.

This is something I originally posted because I thought it was interesting, funny, thought-provoking, but today I got an email offering me a different perspective, and I thought I’d share it with you. On second reading, I realised that not everyone is able to access ‘proper’ English. This post and writing this on a whiteboard can be extremely offensive and belittling to children/pupils with dyslexia or literacy difficulties. 

I was perfectly innocent when reblogging, but on further examination, I think this teaching method is a little lax…I understand it might depend on the class, and perhaps this teacher did not have any children with difficulties.

In my email, I was enlightened to some information about dyslexia:


3 Common Myths About Teaching

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Perfect bouquet.

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ooo wonderful


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