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I never realised before entering the teaching profession that it is a full-time – and by full time, I mean an every-waking-hour – job. Even during sleep, I dream about school and staff and pupils. There is simply no escape.

Secret Teacher: I can’t take the stress, but I don’t want to be a dropout statistic

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My background magically changed itself to ddeokbokki. I’m not changing it.

Woo woo! My 4th grade teammate and I are apparently the cover girls for our district’s new hire induction. So famous!

Getting there.

New year, new decor? Just getting started!

Ugh. So dirty! Didn’t expect to have to clean today. Then again, my furniture was outside. #backtoschool

The board met after days of controversy leading up to the meeting. It began last week when ISTA pointed out a resolution on the board’s agenda that sought to dramatically change board operating procedures and rules. The changes further remove authority of the Superintendent’s traditional role as Chair of the board. The state superintendent, by law, is the chairperson of the State Board of Education. The fact that Glenda’s authority can be diminished by non-elected bureaucrat appointees of the Governor is a disservice to the 1.3 million voters that elected Ritz in 2012.

Governor-appointed board circumvents Ritz and voters; jeopardizes Indiana’s NCLB waiver application — from ISTA’s press release.

File under: Things that should make Hoosier voters and educators real mad.

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So mad!

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Let’s just undermine the woman that the PEOPLE VOTED IN by taking her power away. She was voted in to make change and the board of ed has just taken away her ability to push for change. Indiana moves 2 steps forward and 6 steps back. 

I don’t understand what Indiana is doing. I don’t even teach in IN and I’m angry.

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